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Matte Painting Works

Matte Painting Works

Kai Ying
by KaiYing on 23 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Some matte painting works that I did during my years of education in The One Academy. Hope you will enjoy it!

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The Egypt

In ancient Egypt, there was a remains of Abu Simbel Temples, also known as the curse of Ramesses II as no survivors ever came out of the ruins.

My first matte painting during the years of studies!

Process View of The Egypt

Ice Castle

As the icebergs melt, a kingdom are about to emerge.

I got the inspiration from merry go round so the design of the castle is made up of six side castles all around the main castle in the middle. Merry go round is a city fairy tale. It carries a fantasy of innocence and beauty to everyone who rides it. I wanted to create this magnificent and beautiful atmosphere.

Process View of Ice Castle

During the process I overcome the unfamiliar with blender function issues and it finally comes out an unexpected quality.

The Old Mansion

It is the environment of the old mansion that I did for a group project called 'Ghost Marriage' during my last year. The story is about a Chinese background which is Ming Dynasty, a young Taoist priest helped the bride to get away from a ghost marriage that was arranged by her family.

I draw some paper runes hanging on the trees to make overall more mysterious but creepy feeling.

Mood exploration

There were scenes of the fire scene and the arrival of the bride at the mansion scene that appear in this story. Although the fire scene is more memorable, but I wanted to use the silence to emphasize the horror of the mansion in this story so this is my attempt at creating this work.

Process view of The Old Mansion

Tried to light up the area around the main gate to enhance the focus point.

Mountain God: Rebirth

Across the finish line, there is something new will unfold ahead of the unknown. A new world is about to dawn.

 There were a abandoned ruins from the war between Mountain God and the humans. As Ragnarök was the inspiration for this work, I attempt to create the majestic atmosphere to show the rebirth that comes with the passing of the end of the world.

Composition Exploration Sketches

I was hesitating between the second and last piece, but ended up choosing the second one in order to highlight the connection between Mountain God and the humans.

Process view of Mountain God: Rebirth

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