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by rainheart1985 on 22 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Lilith is a Think Tank Training Center project, I had a great professor Magnus Skagerlund and amazing schoolmates. Was very intensive way but was funny.

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Lilith based on awesome concept art by Igor Sid.

Down, original concept.

I wanted to do a realistic version of the amazing concept art.

My first step was to sculpt the block of my character, until I finished my high level sculpt

The detail was made with Wrap4d, I used a female scan from 3dscanstore. 

Retopology, Uvs and shading was made Maya software, Maya is faster and easier software to do my task, I used V-ray.

For texturing I used Zbrush and Mari for body´s base color and Substance Painter for cloth and others.

Differents render passes, in order, beauty, diffuse, normal, specular and SSS

My Maya scene was very simple, I used 3 lights for rendering, 2 lights was 45 degress an 1 back light for Subsurface effects

Finally, you can watch 360 degress video with HDRI skydome light

Thank´s for watch, I hope that you have enjoyed.

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