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Raphaël Banget-Mossaz - Character Showreel 2022

Raphaël Banget-Mossaz - Character Showreel 2022

Raphaël Banget-Mossaz
by raphaelbangetmossaz on 22 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hello there! Here is my entry for the game developpement contest of this year 2022. During this year I made a bunch of characters and stepped up my art a lot. The majority of those characters were made for New3dge. I hope you will appreciate my work, thanks for passing by!

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Azulen - Group school project for New3dge - Characters

For this project, bayabenedetti, Frrrhonet and I were in charge of the characters. MarieHenry and AxelDaboineau made the environment and LeoZhang was in charge of the FX, Tech and shader

School project - Akali but her hair is down

Personnal project - Coral Mermaid

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