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Visual development & Illustration 2022

Visual development & Illustration 2022

Alexandre Perrière
by AlexandrePerriere on 24 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

I'm graduating at the end of june at ECV Bordeaux and here's compil of all my best illustrations and concept arts done during 2021 and 2022, hope you like it !

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Dystopian Project

The Delta

Concept art done for a challenge :

After a cataclysm (nuclear war) that destroyed our civilization and our world to a large extent, a group of opportunists took control of the water reserves, becoming the guardians of the water. Their largest city is called the Delta, which is located on the Nile delta just outside the Egyptian pyramids due to rising waters. There is the largest desalination factory in the sea and people from all over the place come to beg the guardian for water (water being an extremely rare commodity).

My goal here was to get an impression of gigantism to focus on the superiority of these people !

Cyberpunk city

Fantasy World

I wanted with this personnal project to experiment many painting workflow as long as creating imaginary worlds and characters.

The cataclysm

I tried blender to make a rough base and get the brick textures for the wall

Death valley with a painterly approach


Healing spell like in a card game

Sir Chantilly a short tale with a cape having to defeat a red demon. 

A Knight Tale

10 illustrations telling the story of an knight in a modern world traveling with a rose. I wanted to practise my storytelling skills and trying to tell a cuter story and trying different format composition colors... a bit like it would be in a children book...

Also It was a good excercise to plan the script and every illustration as sketches in a first place !

The story : contest : "My dream house"

I decided to draw a paceful house in the clouds where we live close to the birds. 

Artstation Challenge : Untamed, when animals ruled the world

I choose to tell the story of a chameleon who will become the greatest thief in the world. The first image show his first heist as he is using his chameleon's hiding power, second and third show him in action stolen bigger and bigger things, and in the 4th people finally find his treasure decades later.

Graduation short film preproduction : Hein & Ken

It's a comedy about two vikings (with limited brain) on their way to save the village on top of the mountain. On their way there are going to face a lot of obstacles.

color script

Early concept art in order to fix the artistic direction for the movie

Hope you liked it, If you have any criticis and/or advice to give me, I'd be happy read them !

Thanks for watching ! :)

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