by marielamonar on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hello, I am Mariela. I am a student of the Master of Architectural Visualization in butic The New School in Madrid, Spain. I have always loved everything related to architectural visualization, for now it is in the process of learning, but I am eager to see what this passion can take me.

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As the first practice, in the Master we made the 3D model of the Casa Jesolo Lido, and as an exercise we were asked to make an image with a central theme, my proposal was to create a space where you can have an Ideal Date, a space of dream and magic.

Modeling of the Casa Jesolo Lido, and Lights and Estructure...

For the curtains, I made them with Marvelous Designer.


For this image the task was to represent one or more senses, I chose to represent the sense of taste.

Space modeling...

For blankets and cushions on the wooden chair and sofa, I made it with Marvelous Designer.


For this project I performed the 3D modeling of the pink armchair. 

Space modeling...

Modeling of the armchair pink...

For the purple cushion I used Marvelous Designer:

Material I set up for the Pink Armchair and the lilac cushion...


For this project, we learned FOREST PACK, and the task was to create an outdoor scene paying special attention to the representation of vegetation. So I decided to use a cabin that I modeled long ago, and put it in a forest.

I did the modeling of the cabin and the pyre that is on the front of the image...

The cushions of the pyre I realized in Marvelous Designer.
Thank you for seeing my work...

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