Narrow Boat Scene and other projects

Narrow Boat Scene and other projects

by FinnCDSwift on 22 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Narrowboat Interior I made in Unreal Engine 4 as well as some highlights of other work I did in my last year at university, some of which were for the course and some of which were personal projects.

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Narrow Boat Interior

A narrowboat interior environment I made in Unreal Engine 4. It is raster rendered with baked lighting.  I focused on making an environment that was small but felt lived in, having lots of props, and food on the table and left untidy.  The software I used to make all the assets in the scene included: Maya, Substance Designer, Substance Painter, Marmoset Toolbag, ZBrush and Marvelous Designer. The project was done for my university course.

Highlights of work I did for Repeater Roulette my university team project

Here are some of the assets that I did for my last year's university team project Repeater Roulette. I was an environment artist on the team making barrels to wallpaper materials but for this, I have decided to just include some of the work I did relating to the growths and materials.

Link to Game Repeater Roulette:

Materials for Repeater Roulette made using Substance Designer

For a lot of the materials made in Substance Designer, including the flesh and concrete ones, I would make a material generator which could generate many different materials.

Concrete Generator

Flesh Material Generator 1

Flesh Material Generator 2

Flesh Material Generator 3

Flesh Gun for Reapeter Roulette

I made the Flesh Gun for the main character in our game. It was inspired by concepts made by James Thompson

For the gun, I used the previous flesh generators as well as Maya, Blender, Substance Painter, Zbrush and Marmoset Toolbag.

Growths to add to the environments in Repeater Roulette

In-game, these growths pulse using unity's shader graph. For making the growths, I used Speedtree to generate the overall based shapes and used the previous flesh generators to help texture them. I also used software such as Marmoset Toolbag, Maya, Zbrush and Substance Painter.

Model Toy Train

To improve my hard surface modelling skills, I decided to model a toy train, a Toy Hornby Train Class 57XX to be precise. For this, I used Maya mostly for modelling but also Blender to help give small bevels on some elements of the high poly model by using the remesh and smooth modifiers. Other software also used included Marmoset and Substance Painter.

Pine Bark Material

Here is a Pine Bark material I made using Substance Designer. For this, I wanted to avoid the unnatural cell-like pattern often seen in bark materials made in Substance Designer.

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