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Star Fishing

Star Fishing

Jeremy Koskamp
by JeremyKoskamp on 29 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Here is a small project of a kitty fishing in a sea of stars ♥. My intention for doing this project was to get as close to the concept as possible and to show the process of achieving that.

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'Hello everyone! In addition to being a first-time poster here, this is also my first time participating in the rookie awards. The project I have been working on lately is one I am very excited to share with you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!!'

Star Fishing

A cute concept by @Gaziter caught my eye on twitter, so I had to attempt to translate it to 3D. Previously, I had also created a 3D version of a concept by the same creator. Instead of doing an interpretation of the work, I wanted to stay more true to the concept.

Background Composition

Here I show how I layered the background to what is shown in the final version. Each of these layers is also separately animated in Unity to give more life to the scene.

Background Process

To start with setting up the scene/background I first had to deconstruct the elements from which it consisted and plan how to assemble them in Unity3D. 

From here on I set up a Texture sheet that houses the different types of clouds and stars. These will then be the template for building the meshes on top of it.

From here on its all about composing them in the scene from a set perspective and making sure that it flows well with the animation.

Background Textures

For the visuals of the scene I made use of 2 textures (2048px for the coulds and 1024px for the stars).

The Fisher

Initially, I blocked out some basic shapes and posed them close to the reference I had in the scene. During the blockout phase, I was still thinking about combining a couple concepts of @Gaziter before deciding to completely commit to one.

Once I felt comfortable with the model's basic silhouette, I began refining the shape closer to the concept. Now the model was ready to be unwrapped.

A variety of non-destructive materials were used when texturing in Substance Painter. Getting the lines and highlights right required that I paint them by hand.

All that remained was to place it in Unity3D and set up the materials.

Where to now?

I plan to utilize what I have learned from this project in a bigger project in the future, and develop my skills further in Stylized Art. One of my next goals is to create a medium sized environment and to expand my knowledge of technical effects in such an environment. Furthermore, I would like to give it a bit more life, so it feels like it's a living environment.

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