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by andreagazulli on 20 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

This is my revisited version of Brimstone from Valorant, done as a part of the Intermediate term 5 weeks final project at Think Tank Online. Concept inspired by the illustration art by Atey Ghailan.

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Brimstone, Valorant

Welcome to my entry to the 2022 Rookie Awards! This project is my first attempt in designing a character for gaming and also my final Intermediate term project at Think Tank Online Center, created in 5 weeks time. 

My goal was to recreate the iconic Brimstone from "Valorant" game and to give him a more realistic appearance - a "Gears of War" character look alike, which was one of my favorite games as a kid! The concept was inspired by the illustration art made by Atey Ghailan. 

This was my first attempt working through the entire CG Character pipeline and also my first time using Marvelous for the clothes creation. It was definitely challenging, but also extremely rewarding project, which also confirmed my belief that I made a right choice to suspend my work as a Digital Designer and to follow my dream to become a Character Artist for games. 

I am pretty happy with my current accomplishment, especially the new set of skills gained during this term, so hope you like my "shaved" version of Brimstone too!

Sculpt in Zbrush

Trousers creation done with Marvelous Designer

ID Maps - ZBrush/Substance Painter

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