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Personal projects by Urku

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I am Urku, character artist and technical director from Ecuador

Most of this projects selection are from my journey at Animum Creativity Advanced School,  but special skills were acquired in aditional courses and personal reaserch. 


Hyper Realistic Bust

Achieving a realistic human in 3D is utmost challenging. After months of learning and practicing anatomy I made this bust. Thanks to all the friends and tutors during this project's journey.

I learned a lot from Kris Costa's (Antropus) video about "The Most Common Anatomical Mistakes While Sculpting Human Faces" and Anatomy of Facial Expression book by Uldis Zarins.

No scan were used in this project due to the task were about analyzing the different detail type in human face. Detail were sculpted by hand helping by alphas. 

I still remember sculping every single nose pore one by one.

Sculped with Zbrush, textured with substance 3D, retopo in maya, fur made with Xgen, still images rendered in arnold, video turntable rendered in marmoset toolbag 4.

Astrid, the fighter

Realtime Game Ready 3D Character.
Learning the videogame workflow for creating this character was awesome!

The combination of technical and artistic skills required to achieve this character was  utmost challenging but I loved every step of creating it. Also I always wanted to create a 3D Viking project.

Realtime Game Ready Hair

Based on Andre Pires Wingfox course

Sculped in Zbrush, topology in Maya, textured in Substance 3D, render in Marmoset toolbag and compo in Photoshop.

Based on a concept art by AK


Concept art: Artist Unknown

Marty Mcfly

Artwork based on amazing concept art by Ricky De Los Angeles

Crakonian Wild Pig


Ñuka yaypimi tiyapankichik (They live amongst my most heartfelt feelings / Existen en mi más profundo sentir)

Artwork I made for my beautiful shunkuku Tamy

Talking with grandpa

Cocodrigo Jr.

Current work in progress projects

Concept art: Artist Unknown

That's all folks!

I always will be greatfull to all the friends and tutors during this journey.

Thank you, I really appreciate it 

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