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Dayang Najwa Batrisyia - My Concept Design Journey

Dayang Najwa Batrisyia - My Concept Design Journey

Dayang Najwa Batrisyia
by dygnajwa on 20 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hello everyone welcome to my project! Here are the artworks I did after 3 long years studying at The One Academy.

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Erkhem's Retribution

A personal IP of mine called Erkhem's Retribution where it's mainly based from Mongolian and Chinese culture. I had the chance to create my own IP concept design project and it was really fun to work with, it was great to challenge myself to make sure I did enough research on the cultures so that I can create meaningful designs.

Legend of Kham

A collaborative project called Legend Of Kham, these are the concept designs I did from this project. There were some challenging parts on working with a group but it definitely taught me a lot of lessons and at the same time I also had a great experience working on this project.

Sorcerer's Vengeance

Sorcerer's Vengeance is another personal IP of mine where it's mainly Chinese fantasy themed. As you can see I definitely have an interest on Chinese fantasy themes, it is one of my favorite themes to work with and along the way i can learn more about the culture.

Matte Paintings

An environment concept art of an abandoned Egyptian tomb where I tried out on using 3D as a base.

A matte environment painting where it's located in an abandoned dystopian factory city.

Thank You! 

Thank you everyone for taking your time to look at my artworks. I'd like to thank my family, friends and lecturers that help me get through this journey. 

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