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Euryale is the end of the year project realised at New3dge.

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The following images are from Euryale, my end of year project at New3dge. 

I had the pleasure to work with my group of 4 environment artists: Vincent D'Andrea, Antoine Josephine, Benjamin Kretschmann (and myself) and 2 character artists:  Moheb Naguib and Yohan Houel.

Euryale is a first person character horror video game. You play a lost soldier in the renaissance era. At the entrance of this strange domain, you're looking for help...

I was in charge of designing and elaborating the chapel's interior with Vincent D'Andrea.

Here are some shaders used in the scene. They were made with Substance Painter and Designer.

And here, some assets with their wireframe.

Here is the Euryale demo

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