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Set Sail │ Jia Sing's Entry 2022

Set Sail │ Jia Sing's Entry 2022

Heng Jia Sing
by jiasinggg on 20 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

As someone who has always admired amazing artworks, I'm finally taking the dive into the world of concept design and illustrations. Hope you enjoy!

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Hi there!

Welcome to my little corner on the internet where I'm finally able to showcase some of my favorite works from my time in The One Academy! I'm still in the process of learning and growing as an artist, but in the meantime hope you enjoy the ride!

Nyx - IP Project

Finally able to dip my tippy toes into creating a splash art! This one's of my character Kali 👇

I wanted to create a world atop a Dune-inspired dessert planet, where it was said to be blessed by an ancient diety with an abundance of rare purple crystals. The locals would carve weapons and armor pieces out of the tough crystals, where the Nyx had the ability to embue magic into the crystal weapons.

I wanted to create a fun protagonist who lived in the dessert planet, the "chosen one" with the duty to protect the locals from dark creatures.

Inspired by the Greek mythological creature, the Strix, I wanted to create a bat-like creature to represent the evil of the world.

A story about a young girl who was decieved into believing something that wasn't true, and could only watch helplessly as her world collapses around her.
Had a great time working with my amazing friends / teammates on this project, couldn't have done it without them <3

This one's my personal favorite :D

Concept designs done for this project 👇 with heavy photobashing to try to create believable outcomes

For this project, I wanted to create a story that takes place underwater, where the protagonist is trapped in a submarine with an unknown creature roaming the decks.

Stylized Projects

I also did some stylized artworks that were really fun to paint ^.^

Aaaand a fun key art of a certain short film project coming out soon(?

Environment Concepts

Last but not least, here are some of the environment concepts I have done, some with the help of 3D.

A research base located on the moon

The Tree of Sorrows

A post-apocalyptic cityscape, based off of the city of Melbourne, Australia

An overgrown Palestinian courtyard

The End ?

Well, you HAVE reached the end of my little showcase, but this is just the beginning of my journey. Looking forward to many fun projects in the future :D
Thank you for tuning in <3

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