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Vestige - Octavie

Vestige - Octavie

by ArmandeLecointre on 20 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Vestige is a group project at New3dge. We are 6 students and it was made in 3 mounths.

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For the project Vestige, I made the player character Octavie from the concept to blueprints.

Here is my hand made state machine, and a much more fun peace of blueprint that saved me several hours :
During the gameplay, Octavie walks through a toxic zone, where she puts her hand on her mouth. Making a trigger box was quite simple but I had no idea how to blend animations. Running out of time and not knowing anything in blueprints, I had thie idea to use the horizontal axis of the blend space to blend animations "hand down" and "hand to mouth". Quite proud of the time saving !

I also help my collegue Eva Le Cocguen by doing the topology, UVs, baking, rigging, and animations of her character.

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