`Meet Mat` is Back - The 3D Digital Painting Contest


This is a school project we did for New3dge. We count 6 members : Morgan Pilat (Environment, lighting & LD), Ludivine Bellot (Environment), Tiffany Le Thanh (Chara & UI), Romain Hologne (Chara & FX), Kenza El Mhaia (Chara), Walid Miled (Chara & IA). We hope you'll like it !

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Ayame is a samurai-exorcist accompanied by her brother, Shiro. Their actual goal is to find the demon who killed their parents. 
This is a 3rd person game which take place in medieval Japan.

There are 4 characters on the project : Ayame, Shiro, Obake and Oni. 

Ayame, the character we are playing, done by Tiffany Le Thanh.

Shiro, the brother, made by Walid Miled.

Obake, made by Kenza El Mhaia.

Oni, made by Romain Hologne.

Ludivine Bellot and Morgan Pilat are the environment artists.

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