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We realised this project during our courses at New3dge. Our challenge was to create a minimum of 30 seconds game demo in 3 months. Team : Armande Lecointre, Eva Lecocguen, Maxime Leroy, Estelle Panel, Mélanie Khau, Morganne Lebel and Tristan Rollo.

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Octavie is an educated young woman in search of a cure to save her dear love. She has crossed the country on horseback to reach this small town in order to meet a very famous apothecary who could have provide her a powerful herb. Unfortunately, the city was abandoned shortly before her arrival. Octavie will have to determine the cause of the darkness threatening the city, and eradicate corruption.


We realised this project during our courses at New3dge.
Our challenge was to create a minimum of  30 seconds game demo in 3 months.

Character artists:  Armande Lecointre, Eva Lecocguen 
Creature artist : Maxime Leroy
Environment artists: Estelle Panel, Mélanie Khau and Morganne Lebel 
Compositor and Sound designer : Tristan Rollo

About Octavie

Octavie is a wealthy and educated young woman. Her personal belongings are new, she knows how to read, and she enjoys searching for clues to understand her environment. She wears horse riding pants, spurs and a sword to travel across the country. She also always keeps with her alliance and a hair strand from her dear love.

Character design by Armande Lecointre

About Gatien

Orphan, Gatien is the young guardian of the lighthouse "Vestige" whose magic flame protects the city from black magic. The flame has waned and so has the child. Unfortunately, he no longer has access to the lighthouse. The darkness lurks in the city. That's why he needs help. It has a will-o'-the-wisp, residue of the lighthouse's fire, which allows him to move around the city to ward off the threatening roots for a while.

Character design by Eva LeCocguen

About the Lyrpax

Medium-sized ground wyvern (3m tall, 11m long and about 9m wingspan) which has adapted to life in forests and grasslands. It lives in pack, in a group of 3-4 individuals. Dark magic has corrupted the surrounding wild flora and fauna, expending into the heart of the city. A wounded Lyrpax becomes infected with black magic, and completely changes its behavior. He will go to take refuge in the city to find better shelter, as well as easily accessible provisions to heal himself. From his wound, he unwittingly releases spores that will grow an ecosystem in his resting area. 

Creature design by Maxime Leroy

About the City

For Vestige, we imagined a stylized medieval city knowledge for its  imposant lighthouse, which protected its habitants from the darkness.  Our challenge was to composed the entirety of the city, with minimal modular architecture, to be efficient, in consideration of the short deeadline we had. 

Modular architecture and city assembly by Estelle Panel 
by her too.

About the Market Place

The market is the central place of the city. We have made up this square with stalls of fruit and magic items like potions, scrolls and books. To accentuate the abandoned look, we emptied the place by leaving a few rotten fruits lying around and letting nature take over the place with invasive roots on the structures.

Assets designed by Mélanie Khau
Market place assembly by her too.

About the assets, vegetation and corrupted roots

The caravan was meant to be a unique props, to break the repetition and create a point of interest in the market place. The foliage and mushrooms bring a diverified vegetation in the abandonned city.

The roots were modelled with angular shapes to accentuate the menacant aspect. For the texture I used a purple palette. Cool color for the evil aspect.

Assets and vegetation designed by Morganne Lebel
Corrupted roots designed by Eva Lecoguen

About the FX

The FX were thought out to allow the lighting on the interactive objects but also, to stage the corruption in the city with smoke or the spawning of barrier roots.

Fx designed by Mélanie Khau

About the UI

For the UI design Eva was inspired by the art nouveau style and medieval fantasy. Each element was made on photoshop. As a bonus for our project she also made avatars of my team on photoshop.

UI and illustration by Eva Lecocguen

About the Master Shader

Master shaders were created according to individual needs for different types of materials. All master shaders have the possibility to use the texture in WAT (World Aligned Texture) or in UV.

The MF_Basic is the base of all shaders in the scene

MF_MaskedBaseColor : This master shader was specially designed for the style of our game. The system of this shader allows working with masks to create painted textures.

MF_AddTextures : This master shader allows you to add another texture on top of the texture already present.

Mélanie worked the majority either with the previous MF or in WAT. The MF_AddTexture therefore allows her to add other textures with more information such as normal if she sculpted on Zbrush and baked on Substance Painter.

Tech realised by Mélanie Khau

About the Gameplay

As Octavie progress through the town she also came across Gatien. We can see him running in the market place. To make that possible and to make my time efficient I made him follow a spline instead of an IA.

During the game, Octavie is able to interact with certain objects such as books and some elements of the scenery.

Blueprint made by Morganne Lebel

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