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My Own Creatures - 3D Sculpting and Rendering

My Own Creatures - 3D Sculpting and Rendering

Mario Gonzalez Alfaya
by DrakonHebi on 27 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

In this entry I look foward to show some of my personal work, in this case focused not in my technical expertise of 3D software, but in my more ¨artistic¨knowledge of the field, with high detailed sculpts and final rendered images for each one.

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In this entry I,m gonna show some of my personal projects, focused on the sculpting process on Zbrush and the postproduction aspect to deliver a high quality image of the sculpt; through Keyshot and Photoshop I create an interesting lighting scene and some materials with different properties so the light bounces in many ways to make various render passes to play with in PS. Once the scene is recreated as an illustration with an interesting lighting, I begin to overpaint and create an interesting background for the figure.

In these works the focus is never intended to be baking the sculpt or the technical aspect of retopology and UVs (even if I can and know how to create well optimized props and characters for games and films), but to show high poly sculpts and their renders.

The Broken Savior:

In this case I created a ¨clay¨material and rendered some scenes to make these images that imitate the real look of the sculpt as a digital printing; this way we can look the detail in all the views.

Story sidenote: in a strange moment of time, gods and humankind lived together, but never in peace. There were some humans who dare to face the Great Ones and what a stupidity that was; until one misterious figure showed itself in the skies claiming it was the savior of the broken.


This was a tough sculpting challenge. With so many arms and elements, balancing the composition was interesting, specially because I wanted to balance the symmetrycal look without the image looking boring.

Story sidenote: there´s nothing above this entity. They say it touches everything giving life and death but not with desire.

The Golden King:

Inspired by Demon´s Souls, I wanted to recreate the boss from the game but giving the dead man more presence. All the clothing is done in Marvelous Designer and the final oil look is a mix between custom shaders and PS (overpaint and custom filters work).


This was a very challenging one. The mix between organic and very hard surface elements was tough, but the final video editing was the hardest. 


As a tribute to this incredible design, I wanted to do my own version and practice transparencies in model and a more challenging lighting scene. The contrast between the skin and the horns was incredibly fun to work in and getting that heavy - looking sensation to that organic crown too. All the skin microdetail was done mixing custom alphas and doing clean UVs to apply the noise feature with max control.

Skull Forest: 

For the final work in this collection I wanted to work with some simple enviro and practicing some matte -painting. 

Some final arts with the same process:

Thank you for seeing my work.

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