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달 [Dal]

달 [Dal]

Emma Chipperfield
by hunklebink on 20 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

A breakdown of my final prototype from my time at university, Dal, a game all about helping Han get to the moon ready for his first day at work.

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달 [Dal]

Dal (Moon) is a third person RPG set in a fantastical universe shrouded in Korean folklore. Play as Han - the newest recruit in a long line of moon stewards and help him on his quest to join his ancestors and fulfill his duties. Like all new recruits however Han’s first day isn't quite going to plan.

For my final university project I created a game from scratch using Unreal Engine 4. This was a process of research, design, iteration and production. 

Notion - Photoshop - Procreate - Blender - Unreal Engine 4.

Development Focus':

- Creating a fully functional playable prototype, keeping in line with the design I had created.

- Implementing varied and fun mechanics, building player knowledge and agency throughout.

- UX/UI - fully working and structured interface systems.

- VFX - adding polish to the mechanics by developing VFX to compliment them, also creating shaders to add depth to the environment (water, post processes).

Some of the development of the VFX elements as as shown below.

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