by martathastrom on 24 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

A summary of my first year at YRGO doing architectural visualization.

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Villa Nacka

Modelled from drawings. The architects goal was to highlight the surrounding lake and pine trees. As time passes the Siberian larch and copper will age to match the tree trunks and crowns. 

The film festival

My first 3d-project.  A hang out area with a sci-fi theme.

The London project

Collaboration between YRGO and Assembly studios. We were provided with untextured models and information regarding the surrounding area. It was up to us to decide lighting, mood and context.

Alpine cottage

Matte painting project. Collage made out of 7 pitcures in photoshop. 

The Cherner chair

Norman Cherners classic chair, designed in 1958. Modelled by me in 3ds max and rendered with corona renderer.

Kitchen renovation

Using 3ds max I gave this kitchen a well needed update.

Before the update:

Hotel Wasawasa, Fiji

Group project where the brief was to develop hotel concepts based on locations. My group members did the lobby and a hotel room, I was assigned the pool and relaxation area below.

Bonus: Merry Christmas...

Personal project with a christmas theme, created in my spare time.

Thank you for your time!

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