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Farvet of Mtundu Muur

Farvet of Mtundu Muur

Tiril Schjerven
by Jerven on 19 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

This is my 2022 Final project for my Game Art and Design degree at Norwich University of the Arts. I wanted to build a world based around the colours of the soul, with tribe members that inhabit the walls of a canyon with the name of Mtundu Muur.

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This world’s ground has been overtaken by a colourless liquid, that is flowing through the cracks of the world. Upon interaction with the liquid; Farvlos, the soul is drained for its colour. And the person looses touch with the soul.

After the flood, the Farvet inhabited the walls and adjusted their lifestyle to this newfound reality. This Vertical city is called Mtundu Muur. The people of Mtundu, the Farvet, are highly spiritual and find value in the passions of life. They believe pigment amplify the strengths in a soul. And that every person has one dominant colour, alongside the rest.

I also decided to make a quick design for the Shaman that you see in the illustration.

Additionally, a design for the architecture of this project, to try my shot at some Environmental Concept art. I went into designing two variations, one up on the wall where the Farvlos liquid doesn't touch them, and one further down. With a small sneak peak into the life of a Teal and a Yellow Farvet tribe member.

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