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by Lucrezia on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Play with the laws of physics, and solve puzzles in dreamlike and soothing environments! Explore many small palm-sized worlds at your own pace, and let yourself be carried away by their magic.

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Play with the laws of physics, and solve puzzles in dreamlike and soothing environments! Explore many small palm-sized worlds at your own pace, and let yourself be carried away by their magic.




The Game 

We are excited to present you our mobile game : Dioravity. The goal of the game is to solve puzzles using gravity, so you can unlock the world's stars. You can explore and interact with every object of the environment.

The game was created in Unity.  We used code and tweening curves to create all the little animations in the game. We wanted to make most of the things react to the player's touch and reward the player's exploration. The dioramas were modeled in 3DS Max, based on the 3D block-outs made by the Game Designers. We then sculpted the highpoly of the props in Zbrush, and proceeded to bake them and texture the whole diorama in Substance Painter. To optimize the game, we used only one texture map by scene. The lights were baked directly into the textures with Blender. As a result, there are no lights in the scenes, only a base color that fakes the effect of lights.  

The team

We are a team of seven french students in Rubika, Supinfogame. The game was made for our semester project : we worked on it for four months next to other smaller projects.

The 3 worlds

1st world : Sweet Cartridge Square

The first world is a small town, placed on top of a game cartridge.  It is funfair-themed. The goal of the level is to make the fire hydrant explode with water. You need to solve a puzzle where you have to allign all the pipes so the water can travel to the fire hydrant, and you then have to make it explode by blocking the pipes with... rats! They are located under the cartridge and you have to make them go into holes. Once the rats explode out of the fire hydrant, the holes they make in the carousel roof will reveal which magical character in the carousel you need to interact with to free the star! 

2nd world : Pastry Mountain Circuit

This world is all about cakes and sweets. The goal of this level is to guide the train from the lowest level to the top. There is also a cart, that can go to the mine full of crystals inside the main cake. This is where you will encounter some lost passengers! There are obstacles along the way, that you can tackle once passengers have joined your train. The obstacles are, of course, sweet pastries, which the passengers will then eat to free the way! 

The tutorial

The tutorial is a fidget cube. Its design is simple so the player can easily take their first steps in the game, and understand the controls and what they can interact with. To finish the tutorial, you have to press the big cat button, and put the ball located behind the grid in the hole. The star is then unlocked! 


Thank you for taking a look at our game!

Artists : Violaine Dedieu, Valentin Immel, Lucrezia Romeo

Game Designers : Emeric Delemer, Yoann Schuler

Programmer : Benjamin Nossin

Sound Design : Geoffroy Carrot

Thank you for taking the time to look at our game!

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