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2022 Rookie of the year entry

2022 Rookie of the year entry

Jason Androo smith
by jasonandroosmith on 20 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

I've been a hobbyist for the last hand full of years. I have a bit of a background in illustration and tattooing. I don't remember being as excited about either of those things as I am about modeling. Because of that I think it's time to see how far I can take this.

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Tree House

I imagine after all the kids go home for dinner one little boy stays behind and sleeps in this tree house. its sad but what a kind person to share his home with the neighborhood kids.

A little closer, really just so you can see the wooden sword


If you haven't modeled an aircraft of some sort can you really call yourself a modeler?

This jet has seen some things. 

Happy Pills

This is my morning setup. The pills don't actually run to me.... every time.


The early years of a stunt man take a toll on wagons and pillows.

Pop Gun

They sure don't make toys like they use to. I wonder why that is?

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