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Environment and Prop Art

Environment and Prop Art

Jordi Soler
by jordisoler on 19 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

In this entry I share my last projects: the Hero Prop "Wooton Desk 1850" and the Unreal Engine Environment "The Bathroom".

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Wooton Desk 1850

In order to improve my skills as an Environment and Prop Artist, I have been working on this hero prop for my master's degree at Voxel School, Madrid. During the whole process of the project, I tried to achieve impressive and realistic results that would allow me to learn many different techniques from the actuality of the Video Game industry.

The Bathroom

I also have made this Environment as a practice for my Master's Degree at Voxel School. I wanted to create a realistic, dirty and worn public toilet scene and all this allowed me to improve my skills as an Environment Artist. I modelled a large amount of the assets of the scene and also I used Quixel Megascans.

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