My 3D Portfolio

My 3D Portfolio

Fatima Alkhatib
by fatima on 28 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

The best pieces I've done in 6 months of self-learning 3D and Art in general, containing my experiments from low poly style to making stylized environments, some characters and a realistic style attempt.

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Most recent

An anime-style inspired greenhouse is My entry to CGBOOST Challenge (Fantastic Greenhouse), although I picked colors and elements that aren't usually used in a greenhouse, I'm proud of the output and the concept I came up with.

Stylized Pieces

Both rabbit scenes are for some discord competitions (sci-fi and deadly) that are meant to be part of a personal series I wanted to make and turn into some TV show or a movie eventually. 

The nerdy mushroom and its friend 

a try to make some Cute Characters within a full scene.

Cute Bubble Tea Cup

The concept is inspired by the Artist fablefire. Link:

Low Poly Pieces 

Mother Earth is a personal project I worked on, to show what's happening to our plant inspired by other people's work on the subject.

there's no good portfolio without a Japanese touch ...

Set Design (36 days of type)

Some samples from the 36 days of type challenge.

Photorealism Attempt 

made the whole scene from scratch to practice photorealism using a reference image.

full scene

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