Daniel Truman Concept Art & Illustration

Daniel Truman Concept Art & Illustration

Daniel Truman
by danieltruman6 on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Different projects I have worked on since last year. A variety of illustrations and design pieces.

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Everlong Spaceship

Dystopian Cargo Ship designed for international spaceflight.

Suspicious Cargo

Suspicious Package being delivered

Left for Camp - Netflix & Skill - Stranger Things (Runner Up)

A treehouse for the character Dustin Henderson from the popular TV Stranger Things. The treehouse is a deep dive into the character and also subtle references to the 1980's period.

Post-apocalyptic Gatling

Post-apocalyptic Gatling Gun based on the 1874 Gatling Gun model. Wanted to create something that felt reconstructed from recycled materials.

Divine Decension

A reimagining of the funicular from half-life 1. Wanted to make a piece with a stronger overall narrative.

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