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Character Designs

Character Designs

Mees van Hout
by MeesVanHout on 18 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

In my 3rd semester one of the subjects I was able to participate in is Character Design. This subject is mainly focused on exploring and researching on ideas, receiving and applying feedback, anatomy, live drawing, and learning different ways to render and illustrate. Here are some of my favorite assignments I've made

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Underground Post-Apocalyptic Catering

For our first assignment we had to design a self-insert character in an underground post-apocalyptic setting. My idea was to inspire my character by the railcatering, a nod to my old side job. I loved exploring and designing the outfits, and thinking about the practicalities that would be useful and logical in the given setting.

Labyrinth Mystic

For our second assignment we had to create a humanoid portrait inspired by the movie Labyrinth. To quickly come up with ideas I dropped ink on paper and doodled characters on top of the shapes and reiterated on the ideas. I really love the 80's fantasy theme and loved getting inspired by the amazing visuals. My idea for the character was to be a mystic residing in a dark corner of the labyrinth, helping you on your way, but will ask for a piece of jewelry in return.

Thank you!

I really loved improving, receiving feedback and getting a taste of concepting. I can't wait to explore more themes and creativity, improve more and see what the future has in store for me.

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