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Kenneth Choo Peng Cherng | Concept Art - 2022

Kenneth Choo Peng Cherng | Concept Art - 2022

by kennethchoo on 17 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hi! I'm a fresh graduate from The One Academy. I would like to share selections of my artworks during my final year of study.

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Personal IP: Orate

A story set in a post-war cyberpunk Mexico, still with artificially created creatures roaming around. The main characters, previously a law officer, and currently a gang leader in the slums provide protection and daily necessities to the needed so that everyone could survive.

Zusuki 1071

A reliable bike with decent armour for protection and good mobility being able to go through most terrain.

Chimer & Leviat

Both artificially created creatures were made during the war. Released from its hibernation, it roams the land mostly docile until provoked. It has thick armoured skin which provides it with enough protection from foes.

Hidden Instinct

 A zombie post-apocalyptic world where a boy kept in a basement his whole life discovers the outside world and learns the truth behind his restricted freedom.

Wall Soldier

As one of the last standing cities in the world, thanks to its tall walls stopping and controlling the virus infection, it prevented the human's extinction. Within the walls, the people are protected by trained guards, some of who has survived the first waves of the virus.

Makeshift Soldier Transport

A sturdy truck that was built for soldiers to explore infected lands with ease.

Mutated Infected Dog

In one of the sectors of the walled city is a closed-off infected sector where remnants of what was once populated, are now abandoned with few infected beings left to wander in it. One of the few infected is a dog that got its body torn apart and twisted during its final phase of being infected.

Injector gun

An injector gun used to better pierce the tougher skin of the half infected population with a dose of a drug that slows down the virus coursing through their veins.

General store

A post-apocalypse general store built with old solar panels on the roof to produce power and be self-sufficient. Glass windows and door are reinforced with metal grids and wooden planks.

Key art

A lone soldier patrolling within the walls in the dead of night encounters a zombie running towards him. In a panicked state of mind, the soldier fires and missed most of his shots.

Matte Painting

Deep Silent

Deep in the misty large overgrown forest lies a swamp with one seemingly large lone tree standing at the centre. Its roots ever so slightly grew to cover the land over the years. In an eerily silent land with not even the sound of a soul to be heard.

Sci-fi space station

Final semester group collaboration short film: Dead Da

The story is of a Dit da sifu trying to escape from a Chinese zombie(Jiangshi) who suddenly appears in his store in the dead of night. What the sifu did not know until the end was that the zombie was there just to get treatment for one of his broken hand.

This is a key art for nearing the end of the film where the sifu tripped while running away and his key bowl fell along with other things in it. The sifu is trying to get up as he stares for his keys for the front door to escape.

Zombie Character Design

Personal IP: Alienation


Onboard an exploratory vessel travelling back to earth contains live specimens to be studied. However, the vessel was hit by an asteroid which cut the power and allowed the specimens to escape from its confinement. Charles, a veteran guardsman is now tasked to contain the specimens alive.


One of the live specimens which were barely able to escape during the power outage suffered injuries on its right limbs. This creature launches attacks using its strong back legs and climbs on its prey to infect it with a parasite. With its' armoured claw tail, it is used to smash and cut parts of prey or objects in its way.


A parasite that enters its victims through any openings such as the mouth or wounds. As it crawls through the insides, it brutally eats away the victim from the inside out.

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