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For All Things Fantastical and Magical by Fiona Luebbers

For All Things Fantastical and Magical by Fiona Luebbers

Fiona Luebbers
by FionaLuebbers on 17 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

I have always loved all things fantastical, magical, and mythical. I long to impact others with my work, how I see the world around me and hopefully relight that childhood wonderment we all once had. This is the work I have made with the time I have had at Gnomon.

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C.H.A.R.I.O.T....With the might of man and the grace of a mustang he is ready for battle. 

The concept I used for this project is from the very skilled João Henrique Pachêco on Artstation. I loved his design, the mix of robotic and organic was inspiring. While making CHARIOT I wanted to keep that believability that he was a real functioning robot that still captured the complex organic forms of a horse and man. To give him hair fibers and indicate muscles in those hard plates of armor.

Maya - Substance Painter - Houdini - Unreal 5 - After Effects - Marmoset Toolbag 4

CHARIOT's trusty spear.

A little breakdown of how I made CHARIOT's hair. I made it in Houdini then exported it into UE5 as an abc file. After that I made a custom hair material for it as well.

The concept I used for this project is from the very skilled João Henrique Pachêco.

Engine Room

I made and textured every prop in this scene, here is a quick look at all of them.

The original concept art created by Joseph Chan on Artstation.

Mochi the Rabbit

She's tough, sturdy, sweet, and full of's Mochi!

Mochi is my own original concept. She was a blast to design and bring to life. Her design is a part of a larger story I am always working on, I hope to bring more of my characters like her to life.

Zbrush - Maya - Keyshot - Substance Painter - Photoshop

The sculpt from Zbrush

Mochi's original concept by me! Her concept is based on the Japanese folktale of the rabbit making mochi on the moon. I wanted to make her look bouncy and soft like her name but also strong enough to work that mallet! I'm sure you could tell but she might not actually be a rabbit it what is she? Hmm...I think I'll wait to explain that till I bring the rest of her world to life as well!

The Fallen Skull

Deep in a secluded forest is the remains of a mighty beast that fell, these are the remains of a battle from many moons ago.

The concept for this scene is originally from the artist cry梓 on Artstation. I hand sculpted and textured all of the bones and rocks in this scene,  the design for the sword is original as well. I made the trees, vines, and grass in Speedtree and the flowers are borrowed from Quixel Megascans. The falling leaves and fireflies are particle systems. Finally, bringing it all together and lighting it in Unreal 4.

Unreal 4 - Maya - Zbrush - Substance Painter - Megascans - Marmoset Toolbag 3 

The high poly bones and sword I made in Zbrush. 

I based the skull and bones off of the anatomy of a saber tooth tiger.

The concept for this scene is originally from the artist cry梓 on Artstation.

Lyra the Space Cadet

Lyra, the tough, bubbly, and charming space cadet! She might be a new recruit but the adventures she goes on are out of this world!

Lyra is a personal favorite of the many characters I have designed. When making her I wanted to keep a level of cartoonish style to her 3d model. I ended up painted all of her textures by hand to keep that stylization I wanted, painting in shadows and highlights into her base texture. Stylish games like the Borderlands series  and The Wolf Among Us were inspiration and a great help when making Lyra. 

Zbrush - Maya - Substance Painter - Marmoset Toolbag 3 - Photoshop - Procreate 

Lyra's sculpt in Zbrush

This is the original final concept art for Lyra. In the very early stages of her design there was one thought I had that I really wanted to focus on. I wanted to make ridiculous and impossible space suits, I wanted the bubble helmets that don't connect to anything, high heeled boots, pointy gloves, gravity defying hair, and of course...shoulder pads. The main source of inspiration was 1960's futurism, think The Jetsons. I wanted to mix that craziness with the beauty of the classic pin up girls in the 50's. Blend those two together and you get Lyra.

A small snippet of the reference used on Lyra's project.

Thank you so much for taking a look at all of my work.

I have so much more planned and in the works at the moment. I hope to continue to push myself and expand my skills. Thank you to all who have supported me though Gnomon till now, and thank you for pushing me to do my best every single day. 

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