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Liau Ming Lei - Concept Art & Illustration 2022

Liau Ming Lei - Concept Art & Illustration 2022

by minglei0211 on 18 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Its end of my 3 year school life, but it not the end of my art journey. I am glad that have a chance to show my artworks to you.

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This is a collaborative project, I designed a set of concept art which about Liam.

Hidden Instinct is a story about A boy (Icarus) kept in a basement his whole life discovers the outside world and learns the truth behind his restricted freedom.

Liam is Icarus's father, his job is repair the "wall", other than that he has to take care of Icarus by his own and hide the secret about Icarus to other people.


This key art is about Liam and his wife escape from the city which full of zombies.


This key art is showing Liam repairing the "wall"

Phiaro is set of a herbalist concept art, whole design direction is referencing the Egyptian culture, Main character Khalid become a herbalist is because he wanna to survive and cure his sister who has no much time left.

RMMA, Robot Mixed Martial Arts is my own IP that showing each robot has their own skill set and strength. Each of them specialize their specialties to achieve the best performance to defeat opponents.

Viola is an archer from Ice Nation, she is one of the participant of Nation competition, her opponents included Fire, Earth, and also Forest Nation.

Here are some of my environment arts and with their progress

Big Tree

Alien Dystopia_01

Alien Dystopia_02

Greek Fountain

Sci-Fi Traffic Port

Another collaborative project DeadDa, and this is the key art showing main character try to escape from his shop.

Fan Art - Saber

Fan Art of Fate series, Saber, Artoria Pendragon, I am a big fan of this character so I very enjoy while painting it.

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