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Lee Sze Yi
by LeeSzeYi on 16 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

My art journey has attained its first checkpoint. It's time to assess what I've learned. The voyage is still ongoing, and there are numerous checkpoints that I must pass through.

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A group IP about a retired war veteran returns to his village to reconnect with his family but finds out that his untied ends are catching on to him, a plague of internal terror. The story is set in 1950s Russia, with the support of a dieselpunk theme. Due to the setting of the story, the design can't go too fancy. That challenged us to find a balance between dieselpunk elements and the realism of the village. Here are the artworks that I worked on for this project.

An interesting concept comes out from an unexpected combination. With the culture of ancient Chinese and steampunk era background, there are many interesting ideas. With the support of 3D, the design process has become more efficient and the outcome is more believable. 

On a journey to finding the truth, travelers need to overcome difficulties. A personal IP a worked on to try out the things I learned along my art journey. The concept of a steampunk apocalypse is very common, in order to make it buzzworthy, Tibetan culture will be a nice touch-up. To enhance the overall design, need to take extra effort into the character's facial features, costume, and pose. The painterly style of finishing is also a point in this project which are quite challenging to make sure the outcome is detailed and convincing.   

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