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Magic Man (concept art turned into 3D)

Magic Man (concept art turned into 3D)

Fatima Mohamed
by LLFatouLL on 17 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

I saw this amazing concept art by Kanekoshake and I had to turn it into 3D, after 4 weeks of working on this piece I am ready to present to you my work. I am extremely grateful to everyone at Think Tank for this amazing opportunity and the confidence to create this piece!

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I saw this amazing concept art from Kanekoshake and decided to turn it into 3D. This is the biggest project that I have done so far! This was so much fun to do even if it was overwhelming at times, especially when the software and I were not on the best terms. I definitely would have loved to spend more time on it so that I could do a turntable, as well as plan out the smaller details better so that I wasn't working on small details on the whole image at once, it would have been much easier to work on details per section. I mostly used Maya and Mari to achieve this, and the secret sauce was using Vray toon shader to make it look cartoony. Thanks to the team at Think Tank Training Centre I gained the confidence to make such an amazing piece like this!

Final 3D image

Work in Progress

3D (top) Concept (Bottom)

Render without outline

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