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My 1st Year 3D projects

My 1st Year 3D projects

by Leonel on 15 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hey I am Léonel NGUYEN, a 1st year 3D animation and VFX Student in Lyon (France) at ESMA's school. I share with the rookies the projects that guided me through this year !

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                                              Sci-Fi Tricycle 

Here is a modeling Tricycle project, the only constraint was only for the vehicle to have 3 wheels.

The story of this one is a near future where people want to get the control back of their digital life. People like cypherpunks are even more important and try to hack want they can to help people. They are researched by almost every government that's why they need to always move and run away as fast as possible, that's also why headlight are shaped in a bitcoin logo. Made with Maya and Renderman.

                                           Coffee Grinder

For this project I had to take a real coffee grinder that was available and model it with the right dimensions. I also tried a different lighting approach to play with Renderman volumes. Made with Maya and Renderman.

                       Shoes fabric and leather lookdev

For that project I had to create realistic fabrics/leather textures. I am responsible for the the Lighting/Texturing/Rendering but the modeling was made by another student. Made within Maya and Mudbox, 4k render in Renderman.

                                              Flying Boat

Set and Modeling made with Maya, clouds were made in Houdini and rendered in Renderman. For this personal project I tried to give a mood resembling to Ian McQue's work that inspired me a lot for this project. I also wanted to dive into nature elements, such as clouds, to tell stories linked with very special moods.

Big scale VDB Cloud generated in Houdini and Modeling WIP of the flying boat.

                                          Cockpit Still Life

For this project we began with a Drawing, it was funny to see how much our vision of a scene can change during the project. The perspective with the change in focal also changed a lot but the reflections behind technical and artistic choices may vary and that's what made that project even more interesting. I've done some more futuristic works but for that one I wanted to give it a 70-80's vibe to try another sci-fi style that I liked a lot.

                         Morning Breakfast in a 1930 Train

I did the Modeling in Maya and the shading/lighting and rendering was done with Renderman. I tried my best to give a particular ambiance to the scene with practical Lights. The coffee/tea steams were done with simulations of Maya fluids as well as the melted chocolate wich is also a simulation.

The story of this scene is the following one: a gentleman has to go away from his family for professional reasons to play music, his passion, in a very private jazz band that plays for very elitist clubs. He leaves his relatives and has to take a long train to his destination. On the last day it arrives very early in the morning, gets up after a short night and goes to the dining cabin to have his last breakfast it is cool, it's autumn, it's raining, wave to the soul, nostalgia.

Thank you for your attention !


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