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 3d characters with their own style. Niko, Denzel, Fryda  & Pyrenean Ram

3d characters with their own style. Niko, Denzel, Fryda & Pyrenean Ram

Rubén López Fernández
by createescay on 16 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Here I present four characters made differently and each with their own style. I have done these projects both in animum school, ArtHeroes and on my own. "Constant learning makes one more confident."

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"You always get somewhere if you walk far enough." 

The creation of this character was during the 3d modeling master for coine and videogames at animum school, the way to create cartoon characters is amazing

Pose in A more mesh

Uvs and a basic skeleton to create the pose of the concept

Maps of Kiko in Substances Painter

Concept art more references

“Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow he crawls with a petty step day after day.”

(The tragedy of macbeth)

Natural Denzel

This character was created with the intention of learning the anatomy of the face, getting your character to get the greatest possible likeness is a challenge, Denzel is even more so because of his change of personal image in each of the references.

It has been a challenge to be able to take this learning leap from the hand of ArtHeroes.

References to look for likeness

xgen and maps

Fryda is a creation for a video game character, the way to make a mesh as low as possible but at the same time be enough to make your character as realistic as possible, that is what has been wanted to capture in this creation of 3d character for video games

Uvs for videogames in a single Udim

Maps in Substances painter

Hair cards Maya and photoshop

The Pyrenean goat is typical of the area where I live and I wanted to make a cartoon-style 3d model ready to be rigidized and animated.

Sculpted in zbrush the whole model

UVs, retopology, interactive xgen and lights for rendering

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