Entry De Regge Gilles

Entry De Regge Gilles

De Regge Gilles
by dereggegilles on 17 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Hi everyone! This is my collection of my best work, in my opinion. Hope you enjoy and any feedback is deeply appreciated!

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The killzone helmet remaster, modeled in 3DS Max, textured in Substance Painter and screenshots with lighting from UE4. For some parts of the Killzone helmet I used ZBrush to get soft edges.

The traumakit, same software used as the Killzone helmet.

The Skoda S100, modeled with turbosmooth in 3DS Max and rendered with Arnold.

Process in short

The WW1 trench made in UE4 with movable lighting. I mainly used assets from the internet to fastly create the scene. (I made the metal plate, the wooden beams, planks and crates) 

The process

Interior scene made in UE4 with baked ligthing. I made the wooden beams and wooden texture, the other assets and textures are from the internet.

The shrine made for the Octopus God. The keywords for this scene were japanese, octopus and potion. Everything was done in ZBrush (including the renders).

Thank you for your time!

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