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UTS Tower 1 Building Destruction FX

UTS Tower 1 Building Destruction FX

Lok Sang Ho
by LokSangHo on 14 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

An FX simulation of the UTS Tower 1 Building being hit and destroyed by a flying meteor.

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UTS Tower 1 Building being blown to smithereens by a flying meteor. I used Houdini to generate the model as well as the destruction FX.


Initially I wanted to have two meteors hitting the building, however it became quite difficult to control and did not seem to add to the visual interest of the piece. I then wanted to add dust smoke effects to the meteor hitting the building, but could not get the building to collide with the smoke. What took the longest was to get the top part of the building to fall in a realistic and interesting manner, showing the mass of the concrete block.

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