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May the Rain bring you a smile!

May the Rain bring you a smile!

Raana Rain Rouhani
by RainRouhani on 14 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Welcome to my artistic journey where you can see my process of creating each of the projects I feel most proud of! I enjoyed making them, and I hope you will enjoy looking at them!

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Conquering the Darkness

This Viking project was based on a rough sketch by Wouter Tulp. I decided on this cave environment to aid with the character's storytelling. He wanders a cold dark cave, hunting for the mythical creature that has been haunting his village for centuries. Many warriors before him have tried to face the creature, but none have come back alive. As a child, his mother would tell him bedtime stories of the creature. The moment has finally come that he will have to face his biggest challenge, the very one he had started to become a warrior for, to face the monster that has been taunting him in his dreams.

(The character in the piece was based on a sketch done by Wouter Tulp, but the environment and story are an original concept.)

I made a breakdown of the Viking in Nuke to show the different lighting and compositing techniques that I used. This piece made for great experience in both Xgen for the hair and Substance Painter for the textures. The cave was modeled in Zbrush and then brought in to Houdini for modifications!

One of the most fun yet challenging parts of the process was figuring out the retopology of the character after bringing it into Maya from ZBrush. The wireframe pictured shows the second level of subdivision. This piece was my first proper attempt at learning  XGen, and the clothing being made in Marvelous designer. I really enjoyed working on this project!

Morning Coffee

What's cooler than a chill lizard serving hot coffee? This concept was done by Stephanie Rizo, an artist whom I admire a lot. My goal was to make the model match the concept as much as possible to keep the attitude and the life of the drawing!

Software: Zbrush

Ferrari Roma

This was a fun hardsurface project, while making the curves as precise and true to the original car, I wanted to explore lighting possibilities and to have fun seeing what I can get out of it!

Software: Maya - Substance Painter - Nuke - Vray

*Additionally, I would like to thank  Tran Ma, Max Dayan, and Miguel Ortega, for the help and mentorship*

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