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Matte Paintings

Matte Paintings

See Hui Liew
by seehui212 on 19 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Matte paintings that I did during my studies in The One Academy.

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Cathedral of Santa Maria

I have always been mesmerised by how magnificent cathedrals are but at the same time makes me feel peaceful on the inside so this is my attempt on creating a piece that makes people feels the same way as I do.


In an era where humans are facing water crisis, Shroom is a water research centre dedicated to develop new, healthy drinking water for the people.

Tao Temple

During the Tang Dynasty, there was a girl being killed to get married to a deceased. A wicked priest was performing religious ritual to summon and tie the ghost couples' souls together in the temple.

Cat Cat World

My first ever matte painting! 

In the Cat Cat World, there is a mountain called the Meowtain. Whenever the cats are facing difficulties in life, they will visit the Meowtain and ask for its guidance as they believe that the almighty Meow Meow is trapped in it after giving away the secrets of the Meowgod.

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