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Concept Art & Visual Development - Portfolio 2022

Concept Art & Visual Development - Portfolio 2022

Martina Roca Beroy
by martinaroca on 30 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

I'm a junior Visual Development artist. This December 2021 I graduated from ESCOLA JOSO in the Concept Art course. I love the idea of creating new interesting worlds that appeal to the public and make them want to know more about them.

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Starlight is a personal IP for my graduation project at ESCOLA JOSO

A young girl fears losing herself when her land built from the wishes humans ask upon the stars begins to vanish. Together with her best friend, a creature made of stellar matter, they fight the monster fruit of mass pollution darkening the city’s skies.

                                                  Keyframe - When you wish upon a star

The Mountains

The Mountains are one of the main environments of the story. I wanted to play with the feeling of movement and make it feel like a small cosmos could exist on top of the mountain. I played with galaxy shapes for the lake system. Multiple lakes and waterfalls helped to give the sense of movement, as well as the division of different parts of the land.

The Village

With the village, the purpose was to play with round shapes, giving a soft look to everything, pushing the theme of miniaturization. I wanted the setting to feel very inviting and playful, making nothing look too neat or organized. Looking for long lines of rhythm and flow, like constellations.

                                                                 Village Establishing Shot

                                                                              Village Designs


Adla is a cheerful and kind-hearted girl. She’s part of the star-hunting team. She’s very proud of being able to help her people. When the time comes and her village begins to vanish, she’s afraid to lose everything she has worked for.

                                                                        Alda's design exploration

                                                      Keyframe - Adla capturing a falling star


Tekke is one of the multiple celestial creatures that live in the high mountains. They’re created from the stardust that is left behind when a star falls and snow. They’re able to shapeshift into different types of animals however they want to. 

                                                                  Tekke Design Explorations

                                                        Keyframe - The village is fading

The City

The City is the contraposition of the Mountains. The shapes are squared and triangular. It’s uninviting and dangerous. The colors are cold, dark, and very saturated. It’s a caricature of the real world, it needed to be a place that with just a look you’d know that there’s something not quite right with it. 

                                                                            Keyframe - The City

                                                                               City Designs

The Monster

I wanted to keep the idea of a shape completely made out of smoke. It needed to feel toxic and dangerous. For the early designs, I used organic materials such as wool threads, which helped me to give Unra these cloud and abstract shapes.

                                                                     Keyframe - The Fight

Colour Script

The lighting of “Starlight” is divided between the two main settings in the story: The Mountains and the City. I am starting with warm and pastel colours to represent home and safety in the Mountains, to cooler and very saturated colours in the City, giving cold and uninviting vibes. 

The Greatest Treasure is my latest personal IP that I'm currently developing. It tells the story of an ancient ship that carries the most magnificent plants that ever existed, the legend tells that those plants have the ability to heal anything 

                                                                      Silhouette variations

The fishermen project began with a class exercise where we had to develop an environment in Blender and then finish polishing the details in Photoshop using Photobashing and Paint-over techniques. I was isnpired by Viatnamese and southern Chinese landscapes.

                                                                        Village Skecthes

                                                           Various views of the village

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