Elena Dorado Pérez
by elenadoradoperez on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

What is life and what is death? Do we really know how much alike we are? What does it means to live a life? Within this proyect I dig inside the intimate emotional side of society, passing throughout the "inner child", to the teenager/adultish emotional monsters that everybody has.

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Abuelos  is born from the modelling of three human figures that creates the reconstruction and interpretation of my grandmother and grandfather. I was interested in capturing their curious and expressive expressions inside the worn skin of an older person.

I am fully interested in capturing those few moments where society relax and show their inner child. In addition I also continue with the Life and Death theme, and the inner fears inside society.


The working process starts with my hands and clay, after that I made a photogrametry which gave me the sculpture in 3D and then I retouched the imperfections in Zbrush. Finally I used Maya and Houdini to create the different VFX.

Hope you like! There is more to come! (:

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