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by CNelson on 17 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Are you confidence about who are control the world? If you have a bad feeling about last years, then you can help us to save the humanity. Clicking HIGH FIVED you are generating bits of information that provide us the energy we need to continue developing a perfect machine. Good luck!

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         METAPIA (more known as DYSTOPIA) is a governmental project on a global scale that has arised from the need to combat the ocular virus lbox21, which causes irreparable blindness in living beings caused by aforementioned virus in contact with the light, we are already in a pandemic state.

         In the race to fight against it, there was no medical vaccine to dominate it and science joined technology to find a solution, in such a way that the company W&W (Wonderful World), an expert in the metaverse, advanced in a race steadily to give way to some neutransmitters that have been implanted on all of us and allow, not only to attack the virus, but also to control our mind and to subdue us.

        We are a small group of people are developing a project to end the transmissions that control our brain.

        Clicking high fived you are generating bits of information that provide us the energy we need to continue developing a perfect machine.

We are in contact.


NOTE: This 3d animation project has been done with the proposal to present to Rookie Awards 2022, all animation has been developed with Autodesk Maya 2022 and postproduction has been done with adobe after effects.

Although story line likes a mix between movies as Matrix, Avatar, conspiracy theories and The Island, I wanted to put a current context with pandemic and some ideas that some people is considering as truth.

I have put subtitles to help people with heraing problems to understand the story line.

It has been a big challenge to get this final trailer video to show everybody. Maybe one day we can film the full movie... :-) It has been very funny to do all process, I have worked in several roles: animation (of course), layout, filmaker, lighting, scenarios, sound, post production...

Thanks for watching.


I  have used several references for the project, the most difficult one was the double cartwheel, in this case I used a reference of a specialist actor for action movie shots.

For the jump between buildings i took as a reference the video of Mission Impossible Fallout.

To open the door i used a scene of euphoria (a record sentence too)



To edit, to cut and to merge all elements i used Adobe After Effects, I´m not an expert on this area but I recognize that I like a lot to do it.

Thanks to LIGHTBOX ACADEMY, primarily to LAURA MENENDEZ to provide us his help and knowledge.

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