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Patrick Reen's pub inspired from harry potter

Patrick Reen's pub inspired from harry potter

by patr839 on 12 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Here is a project I have been working on for 12 weeks through university. Here is a link to my development blog where I go into more detail of my processes.

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Diagon alley inspired pub

Here is a Diagon alley inspired pub I have been working on for a university project. The pitch was to make a Harry Potter inspired building from Diagon alley. One of the main reasons we did this project was to show how important modularity is within game design.

In this video, I have edited together a 60 second snippet of my building. I made sure to show different perspectives of my house so I can show exactly what I have been doing within this project. I had a handful of clips to work through and only picked the best of what I had captured and then pieced together to make a video which perfectly portrays my project that I am happy with.

With the renders of my pub, I have made sure to capture a variety of angles to give a good perspective of my pub. Not only have I included a mixture of front and back pictures of my building but, I have also got different views looking up at my building along with shots looking down at the building to look more like a flyover. This allows me to display I have been working on since the start of this project.

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