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FX Demo Reel - Mahé LALOT - 2022

FX Demo Reel - Mahé LALOT - 2022

by Mahe on 11 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

After one year of specialization i'm proud to present you my FX Demo Reel !

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I'm proud to share with you my first Demo Reel.

I worked hard for it, I intend to keep going cause now i'm available to work !

Detailed Shots Description


Responsible for All Aspects

(Procedural Rocks, Flip, Whitewater, Shading, Lighting, Render, Comp)

Mountain Smoke

Responsible for All Aspect except Plate Shot

(Pyro Plume, Shading, Lighting, Render, Comp)

Spaceship Take Off

Case Study in one week

Responsible for All Aspects except Modeling

(Smoke, Pop, Shading, Lighting, Render (With KARMA), Comp)

Magical Library

Responsible for All Aspect except Library modeling by Emeline VALENT

(Pop, Pyro, Shading, Lighting, Render, Comp)

I hope you enjoy it !

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