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Children's Dynamic Modular Desk and Chair

Children's Dynamic Modular Desk and Chair

by zhenyang on 11 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

A dynamic and modular desk and chair allows mobile placement at homes. The product aids children with online learning. Its various configurations and seat encourage children to move, identify colours and forms.

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This furniture design is targeted at children who are studying at home. There are issues like lack of adult supervision and movements. So, these issues are solved conceptually by developing a dynamic and modular desk and chair. Regarding the product's singularity, the various dimensions can be reconfigured to increase its height and adapt with children's growth. Each configuration is marked with its respective colour and shape. Thus, not only does it encourage movements, the product encourages colour and form recognition among children.

The product is detailed with measurements to ensure each configurations adapts with the child's growth and ergonomics. As mentioned, the PVC colours mark the different configurations and its compatibility. Meanwhile, the seat can be fitted through a rectangular or triangular void to encourage shape recognition. Wood is selected to withstand impact from children and ease of construction. Timber is also readily available in Malaysia.

Ultimately, the product allows children to work around their home. Adults can move the product and the child will work under their supervision. Also, the seat can be moved and reconfigured according to their respective measurements, colour and form. Thus, the product grows with the child's ergonomics for product longevity and cost efficiency.

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