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Foreign Soil

Foreign Soil

by BlairJones on 11 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

A young New Zealand WW1 soldier tells his story and exposes his memories through his thoughts. He survives the Gallipoli Campaign only to be thrust into The Western Front...

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A young New Zealand WW1 soldier tells his story through his thoughts and memories. He survived the grim Gallipoli Campaign, only to be sent to the hell called 'The Western Front'.

I completed this  Short Film towards the end of last year for my CGI Project.

This was my first big project which combined all i knew and had learnt throughout my first year of Animation/CGI.

I incorporated relatives from my Mother's side and Father's side who served during WW1 into the picture frames on the table.

I plan to do another similar Short Film but with the use of MOCAP to fully animate the character.

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