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Empress Eternal

Empress Eternal

Luyao Pan
by AdamSaw, ItsWL92, Pandakun, RunnerLee, and txuki on 11 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Empress Eternal was developed by 6 students as their final project in Vancouver Film School using the Unity engine over a period of 6 months; 2 months of pre-production and 4 months of development.

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Empress Eternal is a 3D isometric hack-and-slash game, where you embark on a draconic rampage of blood and magic to reclaim your palace from the hands of the dragon hunters who seek to eradicate your kind. Take control of the dragon empress Long Yao and carve your way through humanity to remind them why Dragons were once so feared.

The game is available for download on VFS Arcade:

Ten-minute Playthrough Demonstration:

In-Game Screenshots:

Development Team:

Adam Sawatzky - Project Manager/Technical Artist

Austin-Lee Caron - Audio Designer/Combat Designer

Willy Wei Lee - Level Designer/Lighting Artist

Aranzazu Medina Pineda - Environment Artist/Enemy Designer

Luyao Pan - Character Artist/2D Artist

David Zhao - Programmer/Combat Designer


Adam Koreen - Sound Designer

Gerardo Berumen - Sound Designer/Voice Actor for Long Hai

Camila Castellanos - Voice Actress for Long Yao

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