Demon Monk

Demon Monk

billy carthew
by BillyCarthew on 10 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

This was my final major project for my master's degree. I have created a game-ready character model called the demon monk. Thanks for checking my project out!

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Wanting to present my character within a game engine. I have used unreal engine 4 demonstrating real-time rendering and dynamic lighting of the character for presentation and to convey the themes and 3D model running within an engine.

Concept Art By Ross Delaney 

I asked a friend to create a concept piece following a brief description I provided I then created the character based on the concept art. This was done so that during my final year project I could discuss the process of creating a character using the character artist pipeline.

Character Render's

Character Development

Thank you for reaching the end!

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Loving the work from the other entries. Go check them out!

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