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Oracle of the Forest

Oracle of the Forest

by Thor on 17 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hello everyone! Here is my submission to the Rookie Awards 2022. Made this little guy during the spring term character art course at FutureGames, Sweden. Based off a concept by Stella Chen.

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For the 4-week character art course we had at FutureGames, I decided to make a character based off of a great concept by Stella Chen. During the course taught by Gabriel Forsén, we went through the process of creating a game-ready character, up to the point of texturing.

I particularly like the colors and shapes of the concept, and wanting to learn about creating hair cards, this character concept was perfect for what I wanted to do. 
Most of the work was done in Blender, aside from the high-poly sculpt and texturing, which were done in Zbrush and Adobe Substance Painter respectively.

A huge shoutout to my classmate Charlotte Van Hulle for doing most of the texturing work.

While there are many things that I would like to redo or could have done differently, I feel pleased with what I've managed to produce and will take what I've learned from this into future projects.

Above is the fantastic original concept art by Stella Chen.
Their excellent work can be found on Artstation!

Thanks for checking out my submission!

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