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Ibolya Orcsik
by vyonalae on 7 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

A 3D real-time environment and character made for my second-year university project.

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BeeOasis is a sanctuary that offers refuge and protection for the Orchid Bees(Euglossines). It was part of my second-year university project where I had to create a 3D diorama that is atmospheric and evokes emotion.
During the research and development part, I created the concept art and then spent 5 weeks making this scene using Maya for modeling, retopo, and UVs, Zbrush for sculpting, Substance Painter for the textures and rendering, and Unreal Engine 4 for putting the scene together. All assets, textures, materials, and particle effects were made by me.

Beehouses- the color themes  were inspired by the bee orchids

Foliage breakdown

Eternal Echeveria

Eternal Echeveria is a character that is part of the BeeOasis world. She is born from the succulent that grows near the HoneyTree, attuned to the orchid bee that pollinated the seed and it makes them bound for life.
This character was done in a week as a part of my personal one-week challenge.

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