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Axe Girl - 3D Character

Axe Girl - 3D Character

Jurre de Groot
by JurredeGroot on 6 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

My second 3D Character ever! I have learned a lot, and plan on delving deeper into the Game-Ready characters as this one is not quite there yet. Thanks for checking this Character project out!

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Axe Girl - 3D Character

3D character made from a design I found really cool! My main focus was capturing the likeness of the original concept, while adding some personal touches as well.

Because of a lack of time, the Retopo and UV Unwrapping are quite subpar. Will focus more on creating game-ready models in the future.
I learned a lot of new techniques in creating characters, so the next ones will be even better. Thanks for checking it out!

Concept by hyeonsick choi (aruana sick)

3D vs Concept

Character Video

Axe Video



Character - Highpoly Sculpt


Axe - Highpoly Sculpt

Axe - Textures

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