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Rebelle - User Interface

Rebelle - User Interface

Cindy van minnen
by CindyVanMinnen on 10 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hii! I'm Cindy, a game user interface artist. I like to push the boundaries of what UI currently is in the industry, but I also have a facination with the way we can use visual styles to elevate a game. Here I want to show you my latest finished UI from Rebelle. Enjoy :)

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Rebelle is a project I worked on during my last year studying at HKU. It is a fairytale roguelike deckbuilder game where you fight as Belle against the evil ink taking over your fairytale book. I was in charge of all UI/UX elements and direction around it.

Main gameplay HUD

In the main gameplay you use cards to defeat your opponent. The fight takes place on 1 of the pages in the fairytale book, so I wanted the visuals of the UI to support that environment.
Colors, shapes and animation were chosen in a way that they either stand out or blend in depending on their importance. This way we had controle over how the player would view the screen and keep them focussed on the core gameplay.


On the map screen you choose your next step to the final castle. In this screen you also get time to manage your deck, summons and you can your see your current stats.

Final icons/bookmark made by Tim van Galen

Card design

The cards in Rebelle had to give the same feel as the book; old, whimsicle and familiar. By taking elements from old books and traditional cards I ended with a design that would not only represent that feeling on its own, but would also elevate the fairy tale feel from the card images.

Card images by Jewelle Semple

Logo & Main menu

Rebelle's logo had to represent both the fantasy side from fairy tales, but also the strength that you can find in rebellions. I started with hand drawing letters to get the feel and ended with letters that had a mix of sharp and curvy lines. The sketch chosen by the team was finalized in Adobe Illustrator.

Other UI elements

I also created a few smaller screens and helped getting UI animations ready.

Thank you for visiting my page for Rookies 2022!

I would also like to thank the rest of the team with who I created Rebelle and had an amazing time doing it!

Tim van Galen: Art Lead
Jewelle Semple: Concept Artist
Frans van Swam: Creative Director
Hasan Sarlli: 3D art/animation
Luuk van Leeuwen: VFX / Animation
Nino Saglia: Audio design
Chris Conquet: Programming

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