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Dragon Girl, Gipsy Danger

Dragon Girl, Gipsy Danger

Eugene Ong Zhi Yu
by eugeneongzy on 18 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

3D modeling works done during the course of 1-year Visual Effects & Animation diploma at 3dsense Media School

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Dragon Girl

High-Res Character Sculpt

Concept by Mam BA
3D by BoRARA

I first chanced upon the 3D model on artstation and I liked the design and concept of it, I initially sculpted my character in ZBrush solely based on the 3D model’s take on the concept art by Mam BA on artstation. However, in the midst of sculpting in the details of the armours I came to like the original concept art’s armour and accessories more and so I proceeded to match the 2 references and chose what I like to include which I feel looks good. I decided to go for a dark theme for my character, making her feel prideful like a royal while at the same time menacing like a dragon.

Character was fully sculpted in ZBrush, face XYZ details painted in Mari, xgen done in Maya, texturing done in Substance Painter and finally rendered in Arnold.

I am pretty satisfied with the aesthetics of my character’s face and hair but I do feel that my armours and accessories could be improved. The toughest part of this project has to be sculpting all the organic armours and details. It was also really difficult to get the xgen to flow the way I intended to and required a lot of re-dos to eventually reach my result. Lighting also took a lot of tries to achieve satisfactory results.

Gipsy Danger

Hard Surface Model

My Hard Surface model of Gipsy Danger from Pacific Rim done in 4months as a school project.

Fully modelled in Maya, textured in Substance Painter and rendered in Arnold.

I chose Gipsy Danger as I have a love for gundams and big mecha robots and what better opportunity than a school assignment to model one. I struggled with modelling parts that go from smooth to sharp and sharp to curvy and it took quite abit of time to get them all to look correct, I had to ensure that there was a good balance of big and small parts as well to emphasize how big Gipsy Danger actually is. Overall I had a fun time doing this and I lighted it up in a sort of red cinematic way.

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